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July 14, 2014

Update on the iPhone 6

There has been a lot of speculation recently about what the new iPhone 6 might feature when it’s finally released, and after many supposed ‘leaks’, here’s what we can gather so far.

The main speculation seems to be around the iPhone 6’s screen. The idea of a sapphire-enforced screen or a super wide display have been floated, while added features such as health monitoring and a better camera also seem to be included in mentions of updates.

If used, the sapphire glass in question is very resistant to scratches due to its incredible toughness. This type of glass is currently used in some watches and is very strong, so there’s no doubt it would be a desirable feature of the new model.

With many rumours about the possible new features of Apple’s anticipated device, one thing is for certain – it won’t be cheap. Prices for the current iPhone model are upwards of £500, and with all the high tech additions, it’s certain to be one to save for and insure when you get your very own.