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July 04, 2014

Introducing the New LG G3 Smartphone

The Android smartphone market includes some pretty decent contenders with the latest addition coming from LG. Perhaps lesser known for their presence in the mobile phone market, LG have introduced the new G3 model.

The phone makes use of all the latest features. It has a super wide 5.5 inch quad HD screen, runs on a 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and comes equipped with 16GB of memory. As well as including all the latest when it comes to processors, it is the less widespread features that make the G3 unique. For example, the LG power and volume buttons are kept on the back of the phone, as opposed to the more popular position of being down the sides of the device. The phone’s camera also has the added benefit of a laser autofocus, making it much quicker at focusing when taking photos.

The G3 also makes use of features such as Smart Bulletin and KnockOn. The Smart Bulletin highlights technology tips to the user and the KnockOn feature allows the user to simply tap the screen twice to wake it up, rather than having to use the lock button located on the back of the phone.

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