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June 20, 2014

Android and Windows to replicate Apple’s ‘kill switch’

Having a smartphone stolen is a horrible experience – especially when you know the thief is more than likely going to make a tidy profit on your handset. However, the ‘kill switch’ feature that Apple introduced to its iPhone that means owners of stolen phones can remotely render their handset completely useless is already proving to be a success.

New figures show that since Apple added the kill switch functionality to its existing ‘Find My iPhone’ app, robberies of its products have dropped by 17 per cent in New York in the first five months of 2014,while over the same period thefts involving Samsung’s products rose by 40 per cent.

Thankfully, both Google and Microsoft have today confirmed they will add similar functionality to their operating systems in the near future, adhering to the recently launched ‘Secure our Smartphones’ initiative that aims to urge technology manufacturers to make smartphones less appealing to criminals.

Hopefully this roll out of the ‘kill switch’ across all of the leading manufacturers devices will mean that, when combined with a valid phone insurance policy, every smartphone user will feel a little bit safer about the technological investment they have made.