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February 12, 2014

What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

For most of us, mobile phones have become a major part of our day to day life; eyes constantly fixed to the screen, thumbs perfectly tuned for texting in a mere matter of seconds – ooh was that a Tweet? I’ve just cooked breakfast, better Instagram it.

But ask yourself what would happen if your friend accidentally broke your phone? How would you react if your teacher or boss took it and smashed it as others simply looked on in awe?

So you don’t have to go through a similar ordeal, here at Insurance2Go we’ve put together a collection of the funniest and most cringe worthy phone fails, clips and vines out there.


You Broke My Phone Dude!

There’s always that one friend!

First up is this rather cheeky attempt by a rather cheeky chap trying to cheat his way to a new phone.

He should have had some insurance.

Vine courtesy of Vine Master

Nice Try!

So this guy heads into his local phone store and tries to upgrade his BANANA to an Apple iPhone.

What more is there to say?

Vine courtesy of Face Vines


A golden oldie!

Back in 2010, BBC Click reporter Dan Simmons visited the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where he encountered the “unbreakable cell-phone”.

Sonim, self-proclaimed makers of the world’s toughest phones, with models that even work underwater, had Dan attempt to destroy the indestructible. And that he did.

Clip courtesy of Ninjew1

Eyes Front And Pay Attention

Classroom distractions have changed. Way back when, it was passing notes to friends, now it’s updating your Facebook status while the teacher’s back is turned. Just remember some of them do have eyes in the back of their head.

Check out what happens to this poor chap’s smartphone.

Clip courtesy of pvtvfilm

Eyes Front And Pay Attention. Part 2

Yep, there’s more than one angry teacher in the world.

Don’t think you’re safe just because you made it all the way to university. As this poor student found out; this lecturer means business.

Clip courtesy of rusty9876

Marcus Forgot His Phone

Now this guy can catch.

Marcus leaves his phone all the way upstairs so you’d think he’d simply head back up and fetch it right?

Wrong. He simply has his trusty female companion drop it from over five stories. Now we’re certain this gentleman just got incredibly lucky!

If you value a working mobile then we wouldn’t recommend trying anything like it.

Vine courtesy of Rapid Vines

Get Off The Phone!

We all know a few people who are always on their phone; whether it’s out for dinner, walking in the street, dong the gardening or working out at the gym.

What better way to tackle this than through the spirit of song?

Bet you’re checking this out on your mobile right now aren’t you? Oh the irony.

Video courtesy of Rhett & Link

Ouch! Get The Frog Off Me

Who’s to say that smartphones are just for us humans?

This frog likes a good old game, as long as it involves a bug or two, but take the phone away and you’ll certainly regret it.

Clip courtesy of hrlife

Might As Well Face It, You’re Addicted To Phones

It seems that the more we use smartphones to stay connected to our friends and family, the more ignorant we ultimately become to the people around us.

From the doctor who takes pauses during important surgery to the bride walking down the aisle on her big day, no one can resist checking their mobile.

Clip courtesy of funnyvideos215

Cell Phone Crashing

Do those people who talk really, really loudly on their phones frustrate you?

Sure they do, you know the ones we mean, the shouters on the early morning commuter train or the chatty man at the back of the bus. Well, here is how you get your vengeance; crash their calls.

Clip courtesy of Mediocre Films

Don’t Text And Walk

We’ve all done it at one point or another. Just watch out for the fountains in your local shopping centre, and keep an eye out for any bears on the loose. Trust us; watch this next clip and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Clip courtesy of GetGoodLaughs

Unfortunately that’s it for our collection, but keep your eyes peeled for any new mobile fails and Vines that you find especially funny, and don’t forget to head over to the Insurance2Go Facebook page and share them with us.