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January 28, 2014

The Six Strangest Gadget Accessories

Over the past few years we have seen smartphone and tablet sales soar, with many companies creating personalised and customised apps and accessories to suit a broad variety of needs.

There are plenty of useful tools out there to accompany your gadget, including camera mounts, screen protectors, personalised cases and quality audio equipment. But for some that may not be enough. Who knows, one day you might decide that you want to take a sip of coffee and be able to look at your mobile at the same time, or even charge your iPhone there and then while visiting the bathroom.

Here at Insurance2Go we have put together our selection of the strangest and downright crazy equipment to hit the market. So without further ado, we bring you the six strangest gadget accessories.

TV Hat


We know. But please, try to contain your excitement as you marvel at the brilliance of this aesthetically sound and completely (not so) subtle headgear.

Have you ever stared at your phone, struggling to send a message because the sun’s glare is just too much? Well now your worries are over! Simply pull out your TV hat, put down the curtains and there you have it, instant darkness and your own private cinema screen in seconds.

We strongly advise that if you insist on using one, don’t do it on the move, we wouldn’t want you walking into a lamp post.

Retro Handset


It was acceptable in the 60’s.

The retro handset is a portable, wired piece of kit that lets you accept and reject calls using an old school mouthpiece. Compared to ordinary cellular phones this bit of equipment neutralises 99% of the radiation that a user would normally absorb when plugged in.

This accessory is sure to raise a few eyebrows when you’re making a call out and about; just don’t ask us where you would store it.

iCarta iPhone Dock


For those who can’t be without their ringer when nature calls, Atech Flash Technology has produced this bizarre charging unit for your iPhones and iPods.

The docking station is also a toilet roll holder that contains four speakers, so while you’re visiting the loo or taking a bath you won’t be without your favourite tunes.

Although this product can be pretty handy, we guess, it is not recommended that you use your gadget in the bathroom; we all know that’s an accident waiting to happen.

iPhone Cup Holder


Setting down your device to take a refreshing sip of coffee is no big deal, but for some pausing is not an option.

The iPhone cup holder lets you secure your mobile to your mug or flask so that you can take a sip of your drink and keep your eyes fixed on the screen at all times.

Take care not to spill any liquid though… in fact it’s probably best you don’t try this altogether.



You’re not the only one who can take their device with them to the bathroom; the introduction of the iPotty means that your kids can now play games and watch their favourite programmes as they go too.

The iPotty features a stand to keep your iPad fixed in place, which can be rotated 360 degrees so your child can switch between a number of views. It also comes with an easily removable screen protector to safeguard your display from mucky hands.

Again, whether you want to risk using your gadgets with this one is up to you.

Umbilical Cord Charger


Don’t worry, it’s not real.

Designed by Japanese artist Mio I-zawa, the umbilical cord charger is sure to gross out your friends and family next time you have them over. Failing that, if you need something with a bit of extra ‘flare’ to charge your equipment at work then this nifty bit of kit is just for you.

Our interpretation is that Mio I-zawa is trying to make a statement about how attached we are to our devices, but who really knows?


Well that’s it for our round up of some of the wackiest accessories available, but if you have seen or even own a strange bit of kit for your phone or tablet then head over to our Facebook page and share it with us. Image Credits:

 TV Hat image courtesy of Gizmodo

Retro Handset image courtesy of Amazon

iCarta Image courtesy of Amazon

iPhone Cupholder image courtesy of Bit Rebels

iPotty image courtesy of Expansys

Umbilical Cord charger image courtesy of Flickr

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