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Can I cover a “rooted” phone under this policy?

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  • Can I cover a “rooted” phone under this policy?

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  • When a phone is rooted this gives access to system files that are only meant to be accessed by authorised developers. If any system files are handled incorrectly this could cause malfunctions within the phone and lead to a breakdown or damage.  Rooting can also void your manufacturer’s warranty, as well as causing a number of other potential issues, therefore it is strongly recommended that you research and understand fully all the potential issues before attempting to do so.

    In respect of rooting and the effect on future claims, where malfunctions within the phone lead to a breakdown or damage, there is a possibility that your claim may not be covered under the exclusion which states “repairs or other costs for claims arising from abuse, misuse or neglect by the user”; this is because we may not be able to determine whether the breakdown or damage was as a result of the rooting.

    In the event of a valid claim where the phone can be repaired, the handset will be reset which removes the rooting and any valid claim for theft or loss where the phone is replaced, the replacement handset will not be rooted.