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How do I make an insurance claim?

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  • How do I make an insurance claim?

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  • In the event of making an insurance claim, please contact our Client Services Team on 0333  999 7905 (local rate call) within 2 working days of discovering the incident who will take your  details and arrange for your phone to be repaired or replaced as necessary. 

    If you are aware that the handset has been stolen or maliciously damaged, this must be  reported to your service provider to bar the line and the police within 24 hours of discovering  the incident and a crime reference number obtained. 

    In the event of loss you should report the handset missing to the establishment in which the  handset was lost. If the handset has been lost on a form of public transport, it should be  reported to the relevant authority. If lost in a public place, then the handset should be reported  as lost property to the police within 24 hours of discovering the incident.